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Know Your Gold Jewellery

When it comes to adding a dash of elegance and sparkle to any outfit, there’s nothing quite like gold jewellery, whether it is a gold cuff bangle or a pair of gold earrings. From yellow gold to rose gold and 14k to 24k gold, different types of gold are used in jewellery and it can get a little bewildering. If you are not sure what these terms mean, here’s a quick guide to help you.


The Karat (k) is the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in a piece of jewellery. In jewellery, gold is often mixed with other metals such as silver and copper, both to increase its durability and to vary its colour. A higher Karat means more gold content in the mixture, with 24k being pure gold.

Is a higher Karat better? That will depend on both the use and the desired colour. 24k gold is soft and malleable so it is unsuitable for creating entire pieces of jewellery and is usually only used for plating. 14k or 18k gold on the other hand, being more durable, can be used both for solid gold jewellery and plating. Colour, as you will see below, is also an important deciding factor when it comes to selecting gold.


24k gold or pure gold has a vivid, bright yellow colour and can be mixed with other metals for colour variations. White gold is created through alloying gold with white metals such as platinum (or palladium). Rose gold on the other hand is created by mixing in copper, which gives it a soft pink hue.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewellery refers to silver jewellery with a thick gold-plating. To be classified as gold vermeil, the purity of gold must be at least 18k and the thickness of the plating should be at least 2.5microns.

Good as Gold

Now that you know your Karats, you’re all set to navigate your next purchase of gold jewellery. Additionally, whether it’s a gold bangle or a pair of gold earrings, keep in mind the design of the piece. At Forbidden Hill, we take the radiance of gold up a notch by combining the settings of our gold jewellery with vibrant materials, such as pure Thai silk. When contrasted against the striking silk colours of our interchangeable cuff bracelets or interchangeable bangles, the beauty of gold stands out even more lustrously.

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