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The Silk Cuff Collection

With a mesmerising selection of interchangeable Silk Slides, as well as precious metal medallions featuring symbolic motifs, our Silk Cuffs bring the excitement of endless accessorising.

Framed by the warmth of 24k Gold or the silvery brilliance of Rhodium, the choice of dozens of silk colours and medallions make our Silk Cuffs a must-have piece of customisable jewellery.

Ban Zu

Drawing inspiration from the Chinese ceramics traded in Ancient Singapore


A contemporary rendition of the deeply symbolic Kawung batik motif


Evocative of the angular patterns that are characteristic of Ikat fabrics

Nonya Blossom

Reminiscent of the Peranakan tiles adorning our local shophouses


Capturing the grace and beauty of the Lotus bloom


Simple yet mesmerising


Personalise Your Cuff

Interchangeable Silk Slides

Choose from a stunning variety of stunning Silk colours from our signature Peacock Green to the elegant Obsidian Black

Clip-on Medallions

Mesmerising clip-on medallions inspired by motifs from Singapore and South East Asia