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Treasures of South East Asia

Born from an adventurous spirit, Forbidden Hill creates bold, contemporary treasures with a multicultural signature.

A Modern Twist

Our distinctive collections combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques and materials, while fusing modern aesthetics with regional motifs. From our signature Silk Bangles and Gemstone Earrings to our Lacquered Trays and Containers, we create alluring pieces of modern sophistication, with sublime new shapes that are unique to Forbidden Hill.

Drawing from the rich visual tapestry of South East Asia, our creations hint at architecture old and new, at fabrics worn by royalty and in daily life, at precious objects traded in long ago places, and at graceful flowers filled with symbolism. Each piece tells a story while adorning you or your home in vibrant style.

Dedication to Craftsmanship

Our creations are designed in Singapore, at our studio a stone’s throw away from the original Forbidden Hill. They are then brought to life with the highest standards of workmanship by carefully-selected jewellery and lacquer artisans in the region.

From our jewellery to our homewares, every creation is lovingly refined and perfected, with a passionate attention to detail. At Forbidden Hill, we value ingenuity above the conventional; craftsmanship above the mass-produced. And above all, we are dedicated to creating objects of beauty that celebrate the cultures and craftsmanship of South East Asia.

Behind the Name

Seven hundred years ago, before it was even a colonial port, the thriving maritime kingdom of Singapura connected India and Arabia in the West and China in the East. The island brought together merchants and explorers from all over the world to South East Asia, in search of precious metals, silks, ceramics, jewellery, perfumes and spices. It was a time of adventure, an era of burgeoning mercantile and cultural exchange, with Singapore as a vibrant crossroad on the Silk Road of the Sea.

The name Forbidden Hill comes from the English translation of Bukit Larangan, a hill which was once the centre of Ancient Singapore and the residence of its mighty rulers. At today’s Forbidden Hill, we follow in the footsteps of the artisans that lived on the royal grounds of the Hill. With the same spirit of adventure and ingenuity of that bold era, we blend inspiration from the cultures and craft traditions of South East Asia with contemporary interpretations of style and material.

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