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Wearing Cufflinks in the Tropics

When customers come into our showroom, the striking designs of our men’s sterling silver cufflinks almost always catches their attention, even if they are shopping for women’s jewellery. While many compliment the craftsmanship and colours of our Melaka and Ban Zu Cufflinks, some have asked “Do men wear cufflinks in a tropical country?”

It’s true that the workplace in Singapore, like in the rest of the world, is much less formal these days. Even before Covid, the “smart casual” dressing of technology companies was becoming the norm across most sectors, including in the more traditional financial services institutions. Yet, despite this shift to a more relaxed dress code, many modern gentlemen still see cufflinks as a valuable asset to their wardrobe, even in these tropical climes.

Ban Zu Cufflinks

In a business setting, especially in client-facing roles, cufflinks add polish while offering the perfect opportunity to express one’s personal style. They are the ideal adornment for those men who are not yet comfortable with wearing other forms of jewellery in the workplace, adding panache without looking out of place at any business meeting or work event.

The traditional ensemble with a pair of cufflinks is a well-cut suit and a shirt with French cuffs. However if suits are not your thing, or you find Singapore’s climate simply too hot for suits, cufflinks look equally stylish with a blazer. Looking sharp while staying cool is possible with the ultra-light jackets of Sacco Italy. They are crafted in the Neapolitan style of tailoring, but take the concept of lightness even further with an unlined structure and materials designed to overcome the heat and humidity of Singapore’s climate.

Jacket from Sacco Italy

Similarly, while cufflinks look best with shirts with French cuffs, if you need a shirt that’s easy to care for and comfortable in the heat, shirts with convertible cuffs from The Shirt Bar or All Citizens are a good choice. Both these Singapore-based brands have options for wearing cufflinks with shirts that are made from high performance materials that require less maintenance - making them ideal for everyday wear or taking on business trips.

Ban Zu Cufflinks with shirt from All Citizens

For formal occasions like black-tie balls, gala events or weddings, a finely-crafted pair of cufflinks will make your appearance even more dashing. These are the occasions when cufflinks can be a great conversation starter. Whether it’s a keepsake passed down from your Father or a pair with a special significance due to its design or provenance, a unique pair of cufflinks opens the door to sharing a story.

Ban Zu Cufflinks in 18k Rose Gold Vermeil

Lastly, not to be overlooked is the fact that in today’s world of fluid fashion, cufflinks are not confined to the workplace or formal events. For less formal occasions, cufflinks make a great piece of sleeve candy worn with a sports jacket or just a dress shirt. And with the right attitude, cufflinks can even be worn with jeans, elevating a casual look with a touch of flair.

Melaka Cufflinks with blazer and shirt from The Shirt Bar

Though they are an underrated accessory, there are many opportunities to wear sterling silver cufflinks in Singapore. Granted, they are not an item that a man would wear every day in the tropics, so if you are going to invest in a pair of cufflinks for yourself or as a gift, it’s well-worth choosing a beautifully-crafted pair with a distinctive design.

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