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Bangle Size Guide

Use a measuring tape to measure around your wrist. If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap a piece of string or strip of paper around your wrist and then measure its length with a regular ruler.

    Fashion Jewellery Bangle Sizing Guide
    Hué, Lotus, Iskandar, Kawung and Ikat collections
    • For wrists up to 15.5cm around, select the small bangle. 
    • For wrists between 15.5cm and 17cm around, select the large bangle. 
    • For wrists more than 17cm around, select the large+ bangle (available only for the Hué colllection).

    Small Bangle
    Inside width: 5.7cm
    Inside height: 4.6cm
    Inside circumference: 16.5cm

    Large Bangle
    Inside width: 6.2cm
    Inside height: 5.1cm
    Inside circumference: 18cm

    Large+ Bangle
    Available only for the Hué colllection
    Inside width: 7.1cm
    Inside height: 5.7cm
    Inside circumference: 21cm

    Fine Jewellery Bangle Sizing Guide
    Nanyang Dream and Peranakan Grace collections
    • For wrists up to 14cm around, select the XS bangle. 
    • For wrists between 14cm and 15.5cm around, select the S bangle.
    • For wrists between 15.5 cm and 17cm around, select the M bangle.  
    • For wrists more than 17cm around, select the L bangle (available in March 2023)

    XS Bangle
    Inside width: 4.9cm
    Inside height: 4.9cm

    S Bangle
    Inside width: 5.5cm
    Inside height: 5.3cm

    M Bangle
    Inside width: 5.7m
    Inside height: 5.7cm