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Chinese New Year
(Thaipusam - Based on photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly via Flickr)

Hindu Communities in South East Asia

An iconic festival celebrated across Hindu communities in South East Asia with Hindu devotees expressing their gratitude and faith, often through skin piercings.

The Batu Caves in Malaysia is one of the most visited places during Thaipusam. Witness incredible feats of faith as Hindu devotees climb the steps to the temple cave with hooks and spikes piercing their bodies.

Sinulog Festival
Cebu, Philippines

Kalibo, Philippines

Dinagyang Festival
Iloilo, Philippines

These three festivals celebrate the infant Jesus and remembers the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity.

The streets come alive with bright costumes, dance performances and music in a colourful display. For Ati-atihan, people also parade on the streets with their bodies blackened with soot in commemoration of the indigenious Aetan people.

Kachin Manaw Festival
Kachin, Myanmar

A celebration of tribal tradition and battle victories with its main feature being a spiritual dance around giant totem-like poles.

Bun Pha Vet

Witness colourful street processions and sermons depicting Jātaka, the life story of Buddha when he was Prince Vessantara.

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival
Bo Sang, Thailand

Vibrant hand-painted umbrellas adorn the quaint city of Bo Sang during this annual festival.