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Chinese New Year
(Chinese New Year - Based on photo by Chinmayisk via wikiCommons)

Chinese New Year
Chinese Communities in South East Asia

Celebrated by Chinese across the region with delicious festive snacks, decorated streets and traditional ‘lion dances’. Some cities also launch fireworks or firecrackers during the festive period.

Chingay Parade
Singapore and Johor, Malaysia

Decorated floats and performances grace the streets of Chinatown in this colourful parade.

Tatung Parade
Singkawang, Indonesia

Witness unbelievable stunts as participants step on swords and pierce wires and nails through their cheeks in this ancient ritual of Tatung to ward off evil spirits.

Held during Chap Goh Mei (15th day of the Chinese New Year)

Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet)

Tet is the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinese New Year. During this period, see the city streets decorated with floral displays and enjoy special festive foods.

Lim Festival
Lim Village, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam

A celebration of Northern Vietnamese tradition with local games and most importantly, "Quan Ho" folk singing.

Held during Chap Goh Mei (15th day of the Chinese New Year)

Marha Puha

Catch grand parades of worshippers circling local temples (wats) with candles, accompanied by religious music and chanting. Special festivities are also held at Sikhottabong (That Sikhottabong Festival) and Wat Phou (Wat Phou Festival).

Elephant Festival
Hongsa, Sayaboury Province, Laos

For 3 days in this small town, catch elephant shows, processions and even an ‘Elephant of the Year’ election.

Meak Bochea

Visit a pagoda or temple to watch the Buddhist processions as believers circle the altars with incense sticks, candles and flowers.

Panagbenga Festival
Baguio City, Philippines

One of the biggest flower festivals in the world featuring floral floats, flower carts and even children dressed as flora and fauna.

Malaybalay City, Philippines

This ethnic festival showcases the province’s indigenous cultures with parades, food, sporting events and lots of native dancing.

Sumba, Indonesia

An exciting jousting festival where combatants on horsebacks throw wooden spears at opponents to unseat them.

Bau Nyale Festival
Lombok, Indonesia

Join this unique beachfront festival based on the legend of Princess Mandalika and see crowds splashing away into the water to catch Nyale worms.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival
Chiang Mai, Thailand

See exotic flowers on display as well as floral floats, miniature trees and even a beauty pageant.