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Chinese New Year
(Songkran - Based on photo by CEphoto / Uwe Aranas via wikiCommons)

Buddhist New Year

Songkran Thailand
Chaul Chnam Thmey Cambodia
Pee Mai Laos
Thingyan Myanmar

The Buddhist New year is celebrated in many South East Asian countries and often as a ‘water festival’ because it involves the splashing of water as a sign of purification and to wash away bad luck.

Songkran in Thailand is the biggest of the ‘water festivals’ and is a huge joyful water fight with people everywhere armed with super-soakers and buckets of water.

Huế Festival
Huế, Vietnam

A biennial celebration with an array of cultural events, performances and games.

The next Huế Festival is held in 2020.

Hùng Kings' Festival
Hùng Temple, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam

A commemoration of Vietnam’s first king featuring "Xoan" singing performances amongst other cultural activities.

Aliwan Fiesta
Pasay City, Philippines

Winners from other Filipino festivals vie for the national crown in this exciting festival-cum-competition featuring street dancing, a float parade and a beauty pageant.

Moriones Festival
Marinduque, Philippines

A town-wide reenactment of a Christian story sees locals dressed up as centurions, searching the entire town for their fellow soldier, Longinus.