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Chinese New Year
(Phi Ta Khon)

Bali Arts Festival
Bali, Indonesia

An exciting showcase of Balinese and Indonesia arts and culture featuring masked dances, gamelan music, staged performances amongst others.


A period of prayer and reflection, Muslims fast during the day but at sun down, Ramadan bazaars come alive with hundreds of stalls selling mouth-watering food.

Gawai Dayak Festival
Sarawak, Malaysia

Traditional Ngajat dance, blowpipe hunting and locally brewed rice wine are enjoyed in the Dayak harvest celebration.

Phi Ta Khon Festival
Dan Sai, Thailand

Locals take to the streets in a colourful yet eerie procession, donning phantom masks and ghost costumes.

Pintados-Ksasadyaan Festival
Tacloban, Philippines

Marvel at the festive dancers in colourful costumes and men body-painted in patterns to resemble the armours of past warriors.