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Silk Bangle Guide

Download the product guide (PDF) (also included with your Bangle).

On this page:
Opening the Bangle
Taking off the Bangle
Changing the Silk
Caring for your Silk Bangle

Opening the Bangle

The clasp is made of a tiny catch that securely locks the bangle.
1Locate the dot near the clasp.
2Place your thumb above the side with the dot.3Hold the opposite side with your hand.
4 Ensure that your index finger is not underneath the side with the dot.
5Gently press down (not forward) and push open to release the clasp.

Taking Off the Bangle

Insert a finger between the Bangle and your wrist, then press with your thumb on the side with the dot.

Changing the Silk

Inserting the Silk:
Put the Silk Slide in place along the grooves of the metal frame.
Removing the Silk:
Lift up the Silk Slide using the metal tab.

Caring for your Silk Bangle

To clean the Silk Slides, handwash with lukewarm or cold water and a gentle detergent. Do not soak.

The Bangle is best cleaned with a soft facial tissue and some rubbling alcohol.

Should any tarnishing occur, gently wipe with a jewellery polishing cloth.

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