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Download the product guide (PDF) (also included with your Bangle).

On this page:
Opening the Bangle
Taking off the Bangle
Changing the Silk
Adjusting the Clasp
Caring for your Silk Bangle
Caring for your Silk Slides

Opening the Bangle

The clasp is made of a tiny catch that securely locks the bangle.
1Locate the dot near the clasp.
2Place your thumb above the side with the dot.3Hold the opposite side with your hand.
4 Ensure that your index finger is not underneath the side with the dot.
5Gently press down (not forward) and push open to release the clasp.

Taking Off the Bangle

Insert a finger between the Bangle and your wrist, then press with your thumb on the side with the dot.

Changing the Silk

Inserting the Silk:
Put the Silk Slide in place along the grooves of the metal frame.
Removing the Silk:
Lift up the Silk Slide using the metal tab.

Adjusting the Clasp

The bangle clasp uses the tension from the metal to allow the hook on one side to grip the ledge beneath the opposite side.

Occasionally when too much pressure is applied, the side of the bangle with the hook may become slightly out of shape, resulting in a loose clasp.

1To adjust the clasp back to its original shape, hold the bangle as in the illustration and gently stretch the clasp away from the hinge.

2Close the bangle and check that the clasp locks securely again. The clasp hook should be tightly locked in to the opposite side.

Repeat the steps above if the clasp still feels loose or makes a slight rattling noise

Caring for your Silk Bangle

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes‚ creams and sweat.

Keep away from abrasive surfaces.

After wearing your Bangle, gently wipe the metal frame with a soft facial tissue or cotton wool to remove any chemicals, oils or sweat.

To return the shine, clean your Bangle with a soft facial tissue and some rubbing alcohol.

Should any tarnishing occur, gently wipe with a damp polishing cloth.

Learn more about caring for plated jewellery

Caring for your Silk Slides

When washing your hands, it is best to push your Bangle up your arm, or take it off. Though the Silk Slides won’t be damaged by small splashes of water that dry quickly, large drops of water may leave water stains.

You may want to hand wash your Silk Slides every now and again if there is a build up of sweat, light stains or dust.

To hand wash your Silk Slides:

  • Dip the Silk Slides in lukewarm water, apply a drop of delicate detergent on both sides and gently rub into the fabric to lift off dust and stains.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes before rinsing the Slides under cold running water and remove all traces of detergent. Do not leave the Silk Slides resting in the water for more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Soak up excess water by pressing the Slides between clean paper towels. Discard the paper towels and let the Slides dry naturally in the open air.

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