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Materials & Origin
About the Collections

Materials & Origin

Our Cufflinks are crafted by artisan jewellers at the foot of the highlands by the Mae Kuang River in Northern Thailand.

With striking resin insets, the Ban Zu and Melaka collections are made of 925 Sterling Silver, and the Hoi An collection is made of Rhodium-Plated metal.

About the Collections

The Ban Zu Collection
The 14th century Chinese trader Wang Dayuan wrote about a port settlement in ancient Singapore called Ban Zu, which he visited during his travels. The design of our Ban Zu collection is emblematic of motifs found on Chinese wares traded during that time.

The Melaka Collection
The Melaka collection is named after the city of Malacca, the capital of one of the earliest Malay sultanates. Founded by Iskandar Shah, the last of the Maharajas of the Kingdom of Singapura, it was a prosperous trading port and an influential Islamic cultural centre in the 15th century.

The Hoi An Collection
The historic Vietnamese port town of Hoi An is famous for its lanterns, whether floating in the river or hanging decoratively in the streets. Our Hoi An collection captures the colour and reflections of these charming lanterns as they light up the town.


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