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4 Chic ways to pair Forbidden Hill Silk Bangles – inspired by vibrant South East Asia.

With its diverse blend of cultures, centuries-long artistic tradition and gorgeous scenery, South East Asia is a treasure trove of colour palettes, patterns and more.Try these regionally-inspired combinations with our Silk Bangles to give your wardrobe a lift.

1. Contrast Bright Yellow with a Soft Blue

Vibrant yellow gates to the Hien Lam Pavilion, set against the blue skies at the Huế Imperial City in Vietnam

Bright yellow pops out against soft blue, creating a buoyant and lively look that is easy to pull-off and not over the top. Possible combinations include a yellow blazer on a blue dress, a blue shirt with yellow pants and vice versa. Pair with our Huế Bangle in Pineapple Yellow or Mist Blue to give your outfit added panache.

2. Step Out in Floral

Dang Phuong Viet’s luscious Lotus oil paintings

Bring art to the streets with a floral dress that’s resplendent with colour. Follow Dang Phuong Veit’s inspo and accent a navy-blue dress with a splash of mauve, orange and cream. Amp up the floral patterns in your dress with bold, colour co-ordinated accessories like our Lotus Bangle in Dragonfruit Pink or Sunset Orange.

A side note on the painter, Dang Phuong Viet.
Viet has been painting the lotus for almost 20 years and is known for his daring yet harmonious mix of colours. Check out his other lotus paintings for more colour palette inspirations.

3. Dazzle with Geometric Patterns

Interlacing geometric patterns spanning the façade of the Dayabumi Complex in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hypnotic, eye-catching and always in style, geometric patterns are a timeless way to add some zest to your look. Pair our Iskandar Bangle with a geometric Twiggy-like shift dress or a high waisted skirt for a look that’s both retro and fresh.

4. Add a Splash of Gold to Brown

Ramakien murals of Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Thailand 

As versatile as black, but less predictable, brown helps you to throw together that uber cool look of casual sophistication. With cool-neutral to warm-neutral shades, brown can be paired with almost any colour – burgundy or navy for more polish, orange or pink for more fun.

Our gold Silk Bangles look divine with a brown outfit, especially with the warmer shades of brown. The warm undertones of gold blend perfectly with brown, and create a look that’s down-to-earth yet innately stylish.

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