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The Humble Conical Hat

The iconic lid of our lacquer keepsake and ring boxes are in fact modeled after the famous conical hats of Vietnam (also known as “Non La”). The humble conical hat not only shields the hardworking Vietnamese people from the fierce sun and torrential rains but has also become a symbol of beauty and modesty.

Legend has it that once upon a time, during a torrential downpour, a graceful goddess descended from the sky, wearing a giant conical hat to shield the people against the rain. With the fierce sunshine and hard rains in Vietnam, it is no wonder that the conical hat has become a mainstay for the hardworking Vietnamese farmers and fishermen.

Beauty and Modesty
The conical hat has a special status in Vietnam, being embraced and adorned by every level of society – from women to men to children, working class to upper class, army troops to religious monks. In particular, when paired with the traditional ‘Ao Dai’ dress, the conical hat represents the Vietnamese woman’s charming and discreet beauty.

The world slowly recognising the discreet beauty embodied by the Vietnamese conical hat. (Left: Kate Moss donning a conical hat in the editorial ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ by Bruce Weber for Vogue US, June 1996. Right: Italian brand TL-180 featuring the conical hat in the Tbillsi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018)

Preserving the Legacy
While the use of conical hats in bigger Vietnamese cities may be giving way to more ‘fashionable’ caps and headwear, we hope to preserve its humble beauty and endearing story through our lacquer keepsake and ring boxes.

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