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The Art of Silk: From Shimmering Lustre to Enchanting Textures

For a long time, silk has been synonymous with luxury, reigning as the ‘Queen of Textiles’. Even today, in the wake of increasing mass-produced synthetic materials, silk still stands apart with its unique sheen and timeless elegance. From hand-reeling to weaving, the complexities involved in producing a piece of the finest silk fabric ensures that it is precious and exclusive like no other.

Shimmering two-tone iridescence
If you have noticed the lustrous shimmer particularly in luxury silk ties and scarves, it is often due to the use of shot silk. Shot silk is a silk fabric woven from yarns of two (or more) colours. The combination of different colours used for the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads creates a mesmerising iridescent shine with the colours morphing subtly as the silk moves.

Shot silk fabric
The weaving technique used in shot silk enhances the natural sheen and lustre of the silk to create a spell-binding iridescent effect.

In Forbidden Hill’s Silk Bangle collections, the use of shot silk for the slides nested within the bangles is key to creating a beautiful two-tone effect, giving the slide colours added richness and vibrancy.

Close up of Dragonfruit Pink Silk.Slides
Notice the shimmering fuchsia to red highlights on these Dragonfruit Pink Silk Slides due to the use of shot silk.
Lotus Bangle with Dragonfruit Pink Silk Slides
Lotus Bangle with Dragonfruit Pink Silk Slides

Enchanting textures
Brocaded silk is a fabric woven with an embossed or raised pattern. The elaborate textures of the brocade give the silk added interest and dimension, creating a look that is both ornate and elegant. Due to the complexity of weaving brocaded silk, it can command premium prices and is used for the finest of silk garments and accessories.

Andaman Green Fabric
Close up of our ‘Andaman Green’ brocade silk fabric with an ornate diamond pattern. The raised contours give the silk an intricate and alluring texture.
Close up of Andaman Green Silk Slides
Iskandar Bangle with Andaman Green Silk Slides
Iskandar Bangle with Andaman Green Silk Slides

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