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The Beauty of Gemstones: Their Stories and Meaning

Gemstones have been in existence for centuries, being used as lucky charms, adornments and even gifts. Today, they are highly treasured for their beauty, durability and rarity. Every stone carries a unique history and mythological meaning, making them meaningful and poignant accessories and presents. 

Orchid Garden Gemstones Earrings - Ruby - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Ruby - Love & Power
Referred to as the ‘King of Gems’ in Sanskrit, the lustrous red Ruby has been associated with vitality, power and passion. Being the colour of blood, many ancient civilisations even believed that Rubies held the power to life. In modern times, Rubies are regarded as one of the most romantic of gemstones, representing love and passion.
Moonstone - Self-Development & Renewal
Moonstone is often associated with the moon because of the blue to white adularescence it creates when light strikes. It was used in jewellery and religious objects in ancient civilisations. Many believed that it could bring good luck, prompt feelings of inner strength and growth, and represents new beginnings. Moonstones became popular during the Art Nouveau period and continue to be a popular gemstone today.
Forbidden Spring Gemstones Earrings - Sapphire - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Sapphire - Wisdom & Royalty
While they can come in different colours, Sapphires are commonly known for their alluring blue hue. Unsurprisingly, blue Sapphires are associated with the skies and heavens in many cultures. The ancient Persians for example, believed that the Earth sat upon a giant Sapphire, whose blue reflection gave the sky its colour.
Jalan Besar Gemstones Earrings - Amazonite - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Amazonite - Luck & Success
A talisman of love, balance and harmony, this beautiful turquoise-coloured gemstone was utilised for decorative purposes, such as jewellery and amulets, by the ancient Egyptians. Named after the Amazon River, Amazonites are also believed by some to have healing properties and to help achieve clarity of mind. 
 Jalan Besar Gemstone Earrings - Emerald
Emerald - Loyalty & True Love
The name Emerald originates from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus”. Also known as “The Jewel of Kings”, Emerald was the favourite gemstone of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The ancients believed that an Emerald could bring wealth and sharpen the wits, and it was also used against poison and infection. In modern days, Emerald symbolises loyalty, true love, and peace - making it a meaningful gift for a loved one.
Forbidden Spring Gemstones Earrings - Amethyst - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Amethyst - Peace & Balance
Amethyst has been highly treasured for its beauty and spiritual properties for thousands of years. It’s often associated with wealth, religion and supernatural protection. Europeans soldiers wore Amethysts as amulets during battle. It was believed that Amethysts could control one's evil thoughts, while early Christians associated the stone with purity of spirit. Today, Amethyst still remains a popular jewellery to wear and also used as a healing crystal for health.

Forbidden Spring Gemstones Earrings - Moonstone - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Blue Agate - Courage & Strength
The name Agate was given by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, as it was found in the Achates River of present day Sicily, Italy. It was used as an amulet for healing in ancient Greece and Egypt. A symbol of freedom and serenity, Blue Agate is believed by some to lower stress. It also helps with communication by making wearers more confident and articulate.
Orchid Garden Gemstones Earrings - Citrine - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Citrine - Success & Prosperity
Also known as the “success stone” that brings wealth and luck, Citrine’s beautiful name comes from the French word “citron”, which means “lemon”. Because of its bright yellow colour, Citrine is also thought to bring joy, prosperity and enthusiasm. In addition to its ornamental use, Citrine is believed by many to have healing properties and is often used in other spiritual practices.
Forbidden Spring Gemstones Earrings - Peridot - Sterling Silver Earrings Singapore
Peridot - Confidence & Health 
The name Peridot comes from the Arabic word ‘faridat’, meaning ‘gem’. The gemstone is prized for its striking yellowish-green hues and has long been associated with the light. The ancient Egyptians, who mined the gemstones on the Red Sea island of Topazios, referred to the stone as “Gem of the sun”, believing it to keep them safe from the darkness of the night.

Mix & Match
All of our gemstone earrings come in drops and studs. Choose your favourite design from our Orchid Garden, Jalan Besar and Forbidden Spring collections, and then customise it with your favourite gemstone to match your heart’s desire. With interchangeable gemstones that can be easily switched out, these flexible earrings can be styled in different ways to match any outfit.

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