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Not Your Usual Singapore Gifts

Not Your Usual Singapore Gifts

Everybody loves the Merlion but if you’re looking for a memento from Singapore that says more about this island city’s rich multicultural history, here are a few suggestions. From Peranakan tiles to ancient Kings and orchid flowers, these Singapore-inspired jewellery and home accessories are the perfect pieces for a gift that supports your love of local or as a souvenir to be treasured.

A Slice of Colourful Singapore

Nonya Blossom Silk Cuffs

Peranakan homes are known for their elaborate and intricate decor, especially the unmistakable majolica tiles adorning their façade and interiors. The Nonya Blossom Silk Cuff takes its design from the floral motifs on these iconic Peranakan tiles.

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Jalan Besar Gemstone Earrings

Shophouses in the Jalan Besar neighbourhood
Decorative vents on the façade of the shophouses

Stroll down the Little India and Jalan Besar precinct and you’ll see many shophouses in the ‘Late Shophouse Style’, which are characterised by their spectacular use of ornamentation and synthesis of different ethnic traditions. The circular design of the Jalan Besar Earrings can be seen in the decorative vents on these shophouse façades.

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Orchid Garden Gemstone Earrings

When the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ orchid breeding and hybridisation programme began back in 1928, Singapore quickly became a global centre for orchid cultivation. The Orchid Garden Gemstone Earrings pay tribute to the National Orchid Garden – located within the Botanic Gardens, it now houses the world’s largest orchid display.

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A Glimpse into Ancient Singapore

Ban Zu Cufflinks, Earrings and Silk Cuffs

Singapore’s history as a trading port stretches back to the 14th century, long before the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles. The Ban Zu Silk Cuff, Earrings and Cufflinks are evocative of motifs from Chinese ceramics traded in Ban Zu, a port settlement during the days of ancient Singapore.

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Forbidden Spring Gemstone Earrings

The re-constructed Forbidden Spring at Fort Canning Hill. Image from George's Photos.

Back in the 14th century, when the rulers of ancient Singapore lived atop Fort Canning (then known as Forbidden Hill), the Forbidden Spring was said to be the royal baths for the ladies of the King’s household. Today, the stone carvings that once surrounded these baths have been recreated in our Forbidden Spring Gemstone Earrings.

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A Nod to the Long-Ago Kings of Singapura

Utama Lacquer Trays and Boxes

Illustration of the legend of Sang Nila Utama. Image from Remember Singapore

Legend has it that Sang Nila Utama saw a mighty lion when he arrived in Singapore over 700 years ago and thus named the island “Singapura”, or “Lion City”. The Utama collection pays homage to this majestic creature and the cosmopolitan city that has been built in its name.

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Iskandar Silk Bangles

The Keramat Iskandar Shah is dedicated to the veneration of Iskandar Shah, last king of Singapore.

Iskandar Shah was the last of the Maharajas of ancient Singapore and founder of Malacca, a historical centre of culture and learning. Named after this legendary ruler, the Iskandar Silk Bangle is reminiscent of the hypnotically intricate designs and patterns found in architecture across the Malay Archipelago.

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