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Chinese Zodiac Lucky Colours 2024


Surround yourself with the calming energies of blue and black to attract stability and success. 


Embrace the passionate hues of red and orange to amplify your luck.


Adorn yourself with the powerful shades of blue, black, and turquoise for prosperity.


Infuse your life with refreshing energies of blue and green to foster harmony and growth. 


Let the vibrant colours of red, white, and gold create the path to success and good fortune.


Enhance your mystique and attract abundance with the luxurious colour of purple, white, and gold.


Ride the waves of success with the radiant colours of yellow and orange, bringing positivity and vitality into your life.


Find balance and prosperity by incorporating turquoise, purple, and orange into your surroundings this year.


Swing into the year with positivity and agility, adorning yourself with the pure and vibrant energies of white, orange, and yellow.


Spread your wings with confidence in the dynamic trio of blue, yellow, and orange, bringing luck and enthusiasm to your endeavours.


Usher in prosperity and joy by surrounding yourself with the harmonious white, gold, and orange.


Attract good fortune with cheerful yellow, purple, and blue, bringing optimism and abundance into your life. 

The Lunar New Year Edit

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with our specially curated edit. Discover captivating Gemstone Earrings, and customisable Silk Pendants, Bangles and Cuffs in hues of auspicious red, symbolising luck and prosperity.